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Website Developer / Administrator (Volunteer)

Great opportunity for a web developer / administrator and television enthusiast to create & maintain a major television blog in Australia with a proven track record. 

As the site owner and content writer, I need a partner to rebuild this terrific brand. 

TvCentral was, when active, the second most read independent TV website in Australia. It contained television news, podcasts, ratings, interviews, reviews, gossip and guides.

Due to a loss of website data, the loss of the full time administrator - and because of time constraints - the site was closed.

However, TvCentral will be making an exciting comeback in 2018 and whilst I work full time as a volunteer on the site content, I do need a full time volunteer site developer / administrator to do all the backend parts of the site. 

Once the site is back up and running, your time expended will become minimal;however, it's absolutely vital the site keeps running.

A passionate web developer and television enthusiast would be most suitable for this role, and as we develop monetary opportunities, they would be eligible to share in a percentage of that income.

Please contact me via grapevinejobs - or directly at:


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