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Assistant Producer

The Assistant Producer will be responsible for assisting in creating and producing CNBC shows and show segments, and working with the Senior Producer and Producer on overall show content and production.


CNBC is the recognized global leader in business news, providing real-time financial market coverage and business information. 

CNBC’s international operations include regional networks in Europe and Asia-Pacific that provide the latest market information, unrivalled coverage of breaking news, in-depth analysis, and interviews with business leaders. 

CNBC in Asia-Pacific reaches more than 70 million households in 21 countries. 


• Assist in creating world-class programming using CNBC's live, real-time format to tell compelling stories 
• Conceive of segment and story ideas, interview questions, and elements for shows - work with the production team to develop these ideas into compelling programming 
• Pursue proprietary stories and interviews, and work with the assignment desk to get the best C-suite guests 
• Build high production standards within CNBC Asia's live, real-time news program format 
• Research stories and guests and work to uncover new angles on stories 
• On the booking and assignment desk, pursue top guests, work to develop new guests and develop strong reporting skills in interviewing and pre-interviewing guests 
• Write scripts, create graphics and select video, soundbytes and sound elements for the show 
• Learn to format line-ups and work well with CNBC iNews and Avid systems, and the graphics, lower thirds, and Hotboards programs 
• Responsible for show graphics, including lower thirds and full-frames that require little or no editing, choosing the best time period for hotboards and initiating good use of elements in show production 
• Develop strong news judgment through research, reading and pursuing good stories 
• Good communication and the ability to be calm and flexible under deadline pressure and in a breaking news format
• Communication with news teams, senior producers and news editors, anchors, and operations staff
• Cooperate with other departments, especially operations to make the best possible programming. Work with CNBC Global teams as necessary
• Other duties as assigned. 


• University degree or related education or experience 
• Minimum 2 years of experience in television news production 
• Experience and knowledge of business, accounting and/or finance 
• Knowledge of Australian and New Zealand Markets 
• Fluent in English 
• Computer literacy including Microsoft Office Suite. 


• Good communication and team skills 
• Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced breaking news environment 
• Capability to handle deadline pressure and work under the demands of a live daily show.

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NSW - Sydney


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