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Executive Director

As the Executive Director of the Australian Directors' Guild (ADG), you will lead a small, but focused team to promote excellence in screen direction.

The role will suit a dynamic, visionary leader passionate about advocating Directors.

The Australian Directors' Guild (ADG) is a registered union and industry association representing the interests of film, television and digital media directors, documentary makers and animators throughout Australia. 

As a non-for-profit organisation, their purpose is to support and connect their members to cultural and professional opportunities, and when needed to provide advocacy for them on a policy and industrial level. 

As the Executive Director you will lead a small, but focused team to promote excellence in screen direction, encourage communication and collaboration between directors and others in the industry, and to provide professional support for its members. 

With the support of the Board, you will be the clear and accountable owner for the business functions that underpin the organisation, driving creative leadership, commercial partnerships and operational management.

This is an outstanding opportunity to continue the great work already achieved and to lead the members onto the next chapter. The work will be rewarding, creative and satisfying and as you will be the face of the organisation at industry events, we are open to offering a flexible employment arrangement to attract the best candidate.

To be successful you’ll be someone who can lead and drive the efficient operations of a small member-based business. You’ll be passionate about the film & TV industry and understand Directors and their needs. 

You’ll be the champion and act as an advocate for Directors to negotiate with industry organisations like SPA, the television networks and Government. You’ll liaise with senior stakeholders on key issues and naturally keep abreast of trends, policies and legislation. You will also put your organising skills to good use, arranging workshops through to the annual awards night.

We encourage applications from experienced professionals looking for their first Executive Director position.

How to apply
EP Australia will be managing the search and to request a full position description please email  - or for phone inquiries call EP Australia on + 61 2 9383 4520. 

Submit your applications in the form of a current CV and a cover letter outlining your relevant experience.

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