Latest Stats

In February 2020, we had 6,575 Unique Visitors. [See below for an explanation of sources.]

An ad having its maximum 8 week run during Oct/Nov 2019 would have been seen by 11,112 jobseekers.

For the whole of 2019, we had 66,594 Unique Visitors.

We also have 10,626 subscribers to our free email job alert service.

Visitor numbers at grapevinejobs

When we talk about ‘visitor numbers’ at grapevinejobs, we refer to 'unique visitors'. This is different from ‘visits’ [one person visiting the site 20 times in a month counts as 20 visits, but only one unique visitor].

Confusingly, there are different ways of counting unique visitors. We use Google Analytics software to gather our visitor data. This is a well-respected package which produces results almost immediately. However, while it’s fast, it is not thorough – and to get truly accurate results, the data must be manually audited which is time-consuming and expensive.

In January-09, our UK site had its visitor data manually audited by the independent organisation ABCe []

The ABCe audit certificate shows actual unique visitors of 40,189 – which is 22.63% MORE than the Google Analytics number of 32,773.

The main explanation for the difference is that Google doesn’t take into account situations where multiple users connect through a single IP address (which is the case in many companies).

Our UK colleagues don’t intend to repeat the ABCe audit very often, as each one takes weeks and costs $’000s…..but they will do so occasionally. Meantime, we continue to use Google Analytics data adjusted by the same +22.63%, as there is no reason to believe the results of the January audit were atypical or unique to the UK.