Employers who have used grapevinejobs have been mostly complimentary about the experience. Here’s what they’ve said:

"We’ve now offered [the job] to an applicant who applied through Grapevine… Thanks for all your help and assistance with everything."
MGM Worldwide Television
"Much better candidates. Will definitely use in future."
Polar Media
"We did indeed hire someone via Grapevine and he is still with us! We found the process really positive and I would not hesitate to recommend your service."
ATelier Management
"No need to re-advertise and yes we had a few strong applicants!
Thanks so much for your continued support."
Prospero Productions
"We’ve had a really high calibre of applicants. Thanks."
Beyond Entertainment
"It was a disappointing number of applicants. However I can say that the quality of candidates was very high and one of those people has everything we were looking for and much more and has this week joined us as a very valued staff member.

I am very happy with the way it has worked out. Thank you for running our ad a second time and also for your follow up. We made a good choice by using Grapevine and the service has provided us with an excellent new staff member."
sue barnett & associates pty ltd
"Thanks for touching base. Although we didn't receive many applications, the quality of them exceeded that of Seek. I actually made an offer today and they accepted."
"Thanks for this. We had quite a few applicants ( approx 20), interviewed four & found someone who starts in a week. It proved to be a really great method for us & I would not hesitate to recommend. "
ATelier Management
"We have a number of candidates moving through to interview stage with some having come through Grapevine so we’re glad to have utilised [your] job board. "
Village Roadshow Limited
"Looks like we’ve filled the position! Please remove the ad. The candidate came via Grapevine AUS! "
Digital Media Services
"We had great calibre applicants and we're in the middle of interviews this week. So at this stage, no need to re run the ad."
Cowlick Entertainment
"The ad worked great. We will be holding interviews soon, so thanks for all your help."
Matchbox Pictures Pty Ltd
"We had a few (very good) applicants."
Make Productions
"We have had some great applicants so thank you."
Perform Group
"It was a good response and we found a good candidate from this."
"We’ve received applications from good candidates, so at this stage no need to re-list."
Entertainment One Australia
"I’m happy with the result, in combination with social media advertising. Thanks for checking in."
"We did get some good applications and have appointed the position so no need to re-advertise. Many thanks"
Australian International Documentary Conference Lty
"Yes, we've had a few really good applicants for the position. It would be great if you're happy to run it for another two weeks though as hopefully we'll capture some different responses."
The Visual Asylum
"Thank you for all your help on this one. We really appreciate it. We seem to have a much better response this time. "
Take Two Marketing and Events
"Thanks for following up and yes, one of the 4 were good and they’re starting with us on Monday. "
Flame Distribution
"We have already filled the position. The applicants were good and I was very happy with the service"
Entertainment One
"Thanks for checking. We’ve appointed someone off the back of the ads so we’re happy here and won’t need to put the ad in again."
Flame Distribution
"I did have a few good ones in there so thanks for your assistance."
Dendy Cinemas
"The position was filled from one of the candidates that responded. Thanks."
"We did receive a handful of applicants however they all matched the brief perfectly which is what I expected with a more specific role."
H2 Pty Ltd
"Thanks for your excellent customer service."
ABC People
"Yes all worked out well for us! Thank you."
SLR Productions
"Thanks for your assistance with this. We did have a good response from Grapevine actually some of which were overseas however. I won’t need to extend the job at this stage which is positive."
Gold Coast SUNS
"Thanks Gary, we are at final stages of the hiring process. The [grapevinejobs] job board has yielded many applications which are great."
Apple Australia Pty Ltd
"We had a small, but really skilled bunch of people applying so we were quite pleased with the overall candidates. (and compared to advertising on Pedestrian.tv or even Screen Hub, it was refreshing not to get 200 emails from people who want to be producers, actors or d.o.p’s and don’t possess the skills we’re after….)
We’ve managed to make our choice and have the new Ops Manager starting next Monday 30th march, so we’re very pleased with the outcome. Thanks again for the service, it’s been much appreciated. "
Tri Point Rigging Services Pty Ltd
"Thanks for your email, we got some great applicants. We are in the process of screening and interviewing now.
No need to extend ad. Thanks for checking in."
H2 Pty Ltd
"We advertised on Seek as well, and while we had many more applicants via Seek, it's fair to say that the calibre of the applicants via Grapevine were vastly superior. "
"Thank you for this – great result. We have lots of good applications."
Quantas Airways Limited
"That’s pretty good service. We’ll definitely use Grapevine again."
Soundeqip Pty Ltd
"We ran the advertisement in a few other places also, and received more applicants than anticipated. The quality from Grapevine was fine, and we have/will interview a couple of them. There certainly weren’t any overtly ‘time-wasting’ ones at least.
If we have a vacancy again, we’ll certainly be placing an ad on Grapevine."
Ritz Cinema
"No need to readvertise, we have 3 prospects, 1 from your advert. Will use grapevine again."
Umbrella Entertainment
"We'd definitely use your service again next time around."
DSI by Inverleigh
"Thank you for your assistance throughout the whole process. If has been really helpful."
Red Bull Australia Pty Ltd
"Thanks for sending this through. We don’t need to advertise again at this stage...From the list of names it looks like we have a good selection of heavy weights to choose from."
ScreenWest Inc
"We have a great response. We have some very good candidates. Won't be re running the ad. Thank you."
WTFN Entertainment Pty Ltd
"Thank you again for all your help in recent times. "
Opera Australia
"We had a lot of responses for the role and I would definitely use your website in the future if needed."
Parramatta Leagues Club
"Many thanks for all your continuing help. We always prefer advertising on Grapevine because of the great customer service."
Take Two Marketing & Events Pty Ltd
"I did get some really good quality applicants through your site."
Livewire Productions
"Thx. Filled the role. We find Grapevinejobs a great way to advertise. cheers."
Umbrella Entertainment
"We have filled the position, it wasn’t via any grapevine applicants but we did however receive a great amount of applications via grapevine.
I like the setup of the system (Especially how the applicants must answer 5 questions relevant to the role) so I will definitely be in touch next time we have a position come up."
SMA Entertainment
"Thank you for _______ _______, a lecturer we hired that came to us through your site"
JMC Academy